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Lallemand Philly Sour

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I will be honest this one is not for an average home brewer. Not all of us appreciate styles like Sour IPA (yes, it exists, google it), Berliner Weiss, Gose, American Lambic Style, Wild Ales or other sour types of beer. But if you enjoy "sours" and wanted to brew one of those then WildBrew™ Philly Sour can help you to get a great result in just one fermentation step. 

WildBrew™ Philly Sour is a unique species of Lachancea selected from nature by University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, USA. It produces moderate amounts of lactic acid in addition to ethanol in one fermentation step. 

Aroma and flavour are sour, red apple and stone fruit, notably peach. Alcohol tolerance is up to 9% ABV. The fermentation can be completed in 10 days if fermented within the recommended temperature range. 

BEERS TO BREW: Sours, Berliner Weisse, Gose, lambic-style, American Wild, and Sour IPA.

INGREDIENTS: Lachancea spp (a pure strain of active dried yeast).

FERMENTATION: Ideally at 20-25°C (68-77°F).



PH RANGE: 3.2 - 3.5.

PITCHING: 10-20g per 20 L (to achieve a minimum of 0.5 - 1 million viable cells/mL).

REHYDRATION INSTRUCTIONS: Rehydration of WildBrew™ Philly Sour in sterile water is recommended prior to pitching into wort in order to reduce stress on the cell as it transitions from dry to liquid form. For many fermentations, this stress is not significant enough to affect fermentation performance and flavour, so good results may also be achieved when pitching dry yeast directly into wort. We highly recommend rehydration in harsher fermentation conditions such as high gravity or sour wort where the added stress of dry-pitching is more likely to have a greater impact on the finished beer. Use of a rehydration nutrient such as Go-Ferm Protect Evolution has been shown to improve fermentation performance for difficult fermentations.

Rehydration guidelines are quite simple and present a much lower risk of contamination than a starter, which is unnecessary when using the recommended pitch rate of dried active yeast.

Sprinkle the yeast on the surface of 10 times its weight in clean, sterilized water at 30-35°C (86-95F). Do not use wort, or distilled or reverse osmosis water, as loss in viability may result. Stir gently, leave undisturbed for 15 minutes, then stir to suspend yeast completely. Leave it to rest for 5 more minutes at 30-35°C.

Without delay, adjust the temperature to that of the wort by mixing aliquots of wort with the rehydrated yeast. Wort should be added in 5-minute intervals and taking care not to lower the temperature by more than 10°C at a time. Temperature shock of 10°C will cause the formation of petite mutants leading to extended or incomplete fermentation and the possible formation of undesirable flavours. Do not allow attemperation to be carried out by natural heat loss. This will take too long and could result in loss of viability or vitality.

Inoculate without delay into cooled wort in the fermenter. WildBrew™ Philly Sour yeast has been conditioned to survive rehydration. The yeast contains an adequate reserve of carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids to achieve active growth. It is unnecessary to aerate wort upon first use.

STORAGE: WildBrew™ Philly Sour yeast should be stored in a vacuum-sealed package in dry conditions below 4°C (39°F). WildBrew™ Philly Sour will rapidly lose activity after exposure to air.

Do not use packs that have lost vacuum. Opened packs must be re-sealed, stored in dry conditions below 4°C (39°F), and used within 3 days. If the opened package is re-sealed under vacuum immediately after opening, yeast can be stored below 4C° (39°F) until the indicated expiry date. Do not use yeast after the expiry date printed on the pack.

Performance is guaranteed when stored correctly and before the expiry date. However, Lallemand dry brewing yeast is very robust and some strains can tolerate periods under sub-optimal conditions..

SHELF LIFE: Refer to best before end date printed on the sachet. Opened packs must be re-closed, stored in dry conditions below 4°C, and used within 3 days.


Percent solids: 93% - 96%
Viability: ≥ 1 x 10^9 CFU per gram of dry yeast
Wild Yeast: Wild Yeast WildBrew™ Philly Sour will grow on wild yeast media including Lysine, LCSM and LWYM
STA1 gene: Pure strain is STA1 negative Contamination is undetectable by PCR test.
Bacteria: <1 x 10^6 yeast cells